The Latest Green Energy Technologies

Here are some of the cool new technologies I have come across that are available to save money and energy while helping reduce our impact on the planet. I like to keep informed of what is available and I hope you find this of interest as well. Daylighting, Using the...

LED Lighting- More than just energy savings.

As most of you already know, LEDs are taking over from most traditional forms of lighting. The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that LEDs will achieve 84% of the total lighting market by 2030, saving billions of dollars annually in energy costs. LEDs are predicted...

How Much Does it Cost to Power a Lightbulb for a Year?

Most of us leave lights on in our house at times when we aren’t even using them and never really think of the impact that it has on our bank account or our planet. Because of this, we decided to create an infographic showing how much it would cost to power a...

Buy Local! A Look at Locally Sourced Sustainable Energy

The local food movement has been around for some time and is gaining popularity. There are many benefits and no real downside. Ontario offers numerous farmers who provide their local areas with; fresh produce, honey, dairy and meat. Supporting local businesses not...




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