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A commercial lighting retrofit can save you up to 50% on energy bills!

Daisy EnergyCommercial Retrofit LED Lighting
With energy-efficient LED lighting, your business is guaranteed to start decreasing its energy consumption and will be well on its way to being an energy-efficient leader in your industry! Companies that have switched to LED lighting have managed to save up to 50% on their electric bills, and your business can join them! An LED lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy is just what you need to turn your business into an energy-efficient industry leader.
When you choose a commercial LED lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy, you can be sure that you are going to get quality results with minimum disruption to your business. Though it may sound like a complicated and time-consuming process, an LED lighting retrofit is actually quite simple when a team of professionals such as the one at Daisy Energy is overseeing it.
commercial lighting retrofit process of daisy energy

Our LED Lighting Retrofit process includes the following steps:

  • Energy Audit – Our energy audit is the first step in retrofitting your commercial building with a new LED lighting system. We provide a free, no obligation energy audit to determine your pre and post-LED energy expenses. This will allow you to see just what kind of a difference LED lighting can make for your commercial property. Our audit will allow you to better budget for your retrofit and the future of your business too.
  • Retrofit Proposal – After our complimentary energy audit is complete, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for your LED lighting retrofit which will include lighting design options, a projection of your annual savings once you’ve upgraded, and a description of the Daisy Energy products we feel will be best for your retrofit. This detailed proposal is meant to keep you fully informed.
  • Installation – Our professional and experienced team will install your new LED lighting with minimum intrusion on your business and its daily operations. During installation, there will always be a specially-assigned expert that is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Convenience and efficiency are the two most important parts of our installation process.
  • Clean Up – After your new LED lighting retrofit is successfully installed, you don’t need to worry about a mess! Our team will properly and responsibly dispose of waste materials in an environmentally safe manner. The last thing you want is too undermine your new energy-saving lighting by harming the environment with harmful waste, so let us handle it!

Our retrofitting process is designed with you and your business’ needs in mind. Not only will you enjoy a non-invasive and quick installation, but you will also experience professional and courteous customer service. If you still have any questions about whether or not an LED lighting retrofit is right for your business, that’s fine! This is why Daisy Energy is just a phone call away when it comes to answering any further questions you may have. Call us today to find out more and schedule a free, no obligation energy audit! Your business can start on the right path to energy efficiency today with Daisy Energy.



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