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An industrial lighting retrofit is a cost-effective and smart investment for your industrial property.

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Your industrial property can start saving considerable amounts of energy with an LED lighting retrofit. A lighting retrofit involves the existing components of your lighting system being replaced with more efficient LED lights and light fixtures.

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your lighting to more energy-efficient LED lights, the biggest of which being the substantial amount of money you will save on your electric bills. Lighting accounts for a rather large percentage of the energy use of a typical industrial property in Toronto and the surrounding area. Replacing your old or energy-inefficient fluorescent bulbs will pay off significantly in the future.
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The list of the most notable benefits of an industrial LED lighting retrofit

  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Along with increased savings on your industrial property’s electric bills, you can expect to see lower maintenance costs as well. An LED bulb can last up to 40 times longer than an incandescent bulb, and this means less time fussing about burnt-out bulbs.
  • SaveOnEnergy Rebates – The SaveOnEnergy program helps reduce Canada’s dependence on expensive fossil fuels and minimize the environmentally harmful effects of wasteful technologies. When you choose to change to LED lighting, your company could have up to 50% of the cost of an LED retrofit refunded under the SaveOnEnergy program.
  • Environmental Responsibility – The environment and what we can do to protect it is an extremely important issue in today’s world, and by upgrading to LED lighting for your industrial property, you are ensuring that you are helping to do your part in the fight against environmental negligence.
  • Improvements in Safety – An LED lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy can improve safety by bringing light to areas that were previously dark or very poorly-lit. Industrial spaces and properties need to be held at a high safety standard seeing as they often include multiple machines and vehicles; adequate lighting is going to improve safety considerably. An LED lighting retrofit can result in greater safety, fewer accidents and potential savings on your liability insurance.
  • More Productive Employees – Your workforce is going to be much more productive with well-lit facilities and working environments. Poorly-lit workspaces have been shown to decrease employee morale and induce fatigue in workers. By upgrading to LED lighting, you are making it easier for your workforce to meet your bottom line.

By choosing an LED lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy for your industrial property, you are not only going to be saving a significant amount of money on your electrical bills, but you are also going to be doing your part in working towards a better planet. Energy-efficiency is more important now than it has ever been before, and by calling Daisy Energy, you can take the first step in ensuring your industrial property is part of the solution rather than part of the problem.



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