Commissioned LED Lighting Projects

in Hamilton and the GTA


Sunset Neon Inc

The company recently moved into a larger facility to facilitate its growing manufacturing needs. The problem was the existing lighting was dated, inefficient and did not provide adequate light levels for the precision work being done by the production team.
Our solution was to do a complete lighting analysis including a photo metric light level layout that resulted in a solution that significantly improved light levels throughout the production area and reduced energy consumption for the lighting by over 57%. With the incentive payments we secured for the client covering over 40% of his upgrade costs, the payback period was reduced to under 3 years.

McMaster Innovation Park

As a commercial office and research facility, the McMaster Innovation Park provides office and laboratory space to a wide range of clients. As the name suggests the client caters to cutting edge tenants and is always looking for ways to improve the building. One of the core mandates of the Park is energy conservation and after consulting with Daisy Energy we came up with a solution to greatly reduce the energy consumption in the common area and exterior lighting of the facility. By utilizing energy efficient and maintenance-free LED’s we were able to save the facility over 65% in energy costs with a 100% reduction in maintenance costs for the lighting that was upgraded. With the incentives and maintenance savings, the payback for the facility was under 2 years.

Toronto Distribution Warehouse

A Toronto-based distribution company was struggling with employee satisfaction, hearing constant complaints about dim office lighting and unsafe, poorly lit workspaces in its warehouse. Daisy Energy replaced all lighting with LED lighting upgrades, brightening the space and upgrading their lighting design. With $22,200 in incentives and rebates, Daisy Energy has reduced the company’s energy costs by 63%, and improved employee satisfaction across the board. With the energy savings and less frequent bulb replacements, LED installs with be fully paid back on investment in 3.8 years.


Caravan Logistics

The client was struggling with replacing burned out old flood lights in the truck yard and was increasingly concerned about the health and safety of employees working in the yard at night in poorly lit conditions. After reviewing the client’s property and mapping out a lighting plan that eliminated dark areas and increased light levels throughout the yard, we proposed a solution that not only greatly improved the safety of the employees but saved them over 63% in energy costs to illuminate their yard. In addition, we secured $9,600 in incentive dollars for the client from the local utility.

White Oak Transport

Operating a transportation company is a 24-hour endeavour and White Oak takes the health and safety of its people operating at night very seriously. The main consideration was to improve the light levels of the yard to improve visibility and safety. By utilizing high efficiency LED flood lights we were able to not only greatly increase the light level but also save over 71% in energy costs to illuminate the yard. We also secured $5,600 in incentive payments to realize a payback for the client in under 2.5 years.

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