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Benefits of LED retrofit in your office, factory or warehouse.

Everyone has heard about the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting:

  • Reduced lighting and energy costs (up to 70%, sometimes more!)
  • Reduced environmental impact; LEDs contain no harmful materials such as mercury, have reduced carbon emissions and are fully recyclable unlike their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts
  • They practically pay for themselves with rebates from local energy authorities and reduced energy consumption, not to mention decreased maintenance cost due to their long life span

But these benefits are only just the beginning, especially when the LEDs are being installed in a workplace.

Conventional fluorescent and incandescent lights emit dim, harsh light creating poor illumination, and eyestrain. LEDs, in contrast, emit a more natural looking, brighter (without being overly bright) light. This allows for easier and greater visibility, causing reduced eyestrain. LEDs also have greater customizability in terms of colour temperature and light output, so you can get exactly what you need for your specific workplace needs.

Due to emitting brighter and more natural light, LED lights positively influence work performance. LED lights have been proven to make employees feel more alert, happier, awake and attentive, which can, and does (see Office section below) increase employee productivity.

Office LED Lighting Retrofit Services

Poor lighting is often a complaint of office workers. From causing headaches, eyestrain, too bad moods, improper lighting can hinder employee performance and happiness.

Multiple studies confirm the benefits of LED lighting in offices:

  • 34% Improvement in work performance
  • 33% Improvement of mood
  • Improved work efficiency (by 5.76%) directly caused by improved mood

But these benefits are only just the beginning, especially when the LEDs are being installed in a workplace.

Warehouse LED Retrofit Services

In addition to the benefits that office workers receive, warehouse and factory employees receive additional benefits from installing LEDs.

LEDs are brighter but emit less heat than traditional HID fixtures

  • This increases safety, and also allows for reduced cooling costs, making them particularly effective for use in refrigerated warehouses
  • Solid state LED’s allow for instant full brightness upon turning them on, meaning zero wait time before being able to work

Better Light Distribution

  • There is an 8% increase in light uniformity with less light distortion
  • Warehouses tend to install more fixtures than needed to increase light distribution. With LED fixtures, the number decreases, while your overall light increases

Long Lasting and Durable

  • Resulting in decreased maintenance and a need for replacement. In turn, this leads to decreased risk of injury from working at heights.
  • LED lumen outputs depreciate much slower and much less noticeable than their counterparts, allowing for high-quality lighting for the whole life of the bulb


Mental Alertness

  • The natural light emitted by LEDs improves mental alertness in the same way as sunlight. This boosts productivity in areas with little natural light, and during night shifts in turn, leading to reduced night-shift accidents.

Is LED Right for Your Workplace?

LEDs help to reduce workplace injury and increase efficiency due to increased brightness, decreased depreciation, and natural light stimulating qualities.

With energy savings, your ROI could be less than 2 years, and with decreased maintenance, you are saving energy and time.

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