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Make a smart cost-cutting with warehouse lighting retrofit and improve the safety level of your facilities.

Warehouse Lighting

More and more businesses in the Toronto area today are choosing to upgrade to LED lighting in all of their properties, and with good reason! By making the switch to LED lighting, these businesses are not only saving copious amounts of money on their electric bills, but they are also doing their part in treating the environment with respect and moving the world in a more environmentally friendly direction.

Your warehouse facility is among the candidates for a complete LED lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy. A lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy will increase the safety of your warehouse facility by way of increasing the amount of available light. This additional lighting will be helpful in ensuring your employees are safer while going about their duties and also less damage is done to products during transfer into and out of your facility. LED lights will also help to make sure your warehouse facility is more secure, seeing as brighter lights will do better to dissuade any potential trespassers.

warehouse lighting retrofit service by Daisy Energy

The list of the most notable benefits of a warehouse LED lighting retrofit

  • Significantly reduce your Facility’s Energy Consumption – Today’s LED technology is extremely efficient. LED Lights today typically last for more than 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced. This is a huge step up from traditional incandescent lights, which usually last only about 1,200 hours. Maximizing your lighting’s lifespan is a considerable advantage of choosing LED lights.
  • Cut your Electricity Bills – With such a large increase in energy efficiency, you will then see a large reduction in your warehouse facility’s electrical bills. This is an important LED lighting benefit seeing as it gives you the freedom to allocate your business’ money elsewhere.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – with an LED lighting retrofit, you can cut back on time spent servicing your warehouse facility’s lighting systems. LED bulbs are going to last much longer and will scarcely need to be replaced. This means you will be devoting less time to changing light fixtures and burnt out bulbs, and more time elsewhere in your warehouse facility.
  • Give Your Facility a better Look – Not only will an LED lighting retrofit from Daisy Energy make your warehouse facility safer and more energy-efficient, it will also make it look much more appealing. A better-lit workplace is going to be far more appealing to your employees as well as any future clients or business partners.

LED lighting is making its mark on the world today as a new alternative to the energy-wasting incandescent lights of yesterday. Your warehouse facility can get in on this lighting revolution when you choose Daisy Energy to provide you with an LED lighting retrofit. The benefits of LED lighting clearly speak for themselves and should be more than enough to convince you to order an upgrade, but if you are still not convinced, we encourage you to call Daisy Energy today and have one of our helpful representatives answer any additional questions you may have.



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