We are excited to announce that Daisy Energy Inc has partnered with Universal Lighting Technologies and Douglas Lighting Controls, both subsidiaries of Panasonic Lighting America, Inc, to bring to our customers their full line of quality, connected lighting systems.

Universal Lighting Technologies and Douglas Lighting Controls are members of the Panasonic Group and together form Panasonic Lighting Technologies Americas (PLTA). With over 140 years of combined lighting and controls manufacturing experience, PLTA is well-known for its abilities to engineer high quality products that adhere to Panasonic’s strict reliability and performance standards. PLTA relies on a network of talented partners to provide sales support, installation services and technical assistance for customers across North America.

“Daisy Energy is a key partner for PLTA in southern Ontario and by partnering with Universal and Douglas, we can now offer enhanced connected lighting systems to our clients. IoT lighting technology not only provides significant energy savings but also allows for additional benefits such as HVAC control through existing BAS systems, way finding, location-based analytics, proximity alerts and contact tracing to name a few. With this technology, an LED lighting upgrade provides so much more than just energy savings. It’s the future of lighting!”

Brian Kennelly, President, Daisy Energy Inc.

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