Becky Hello Readers!

My name is Becky Janssen and I am a graduate from McMaster University. I completed an Honours Environmental Science degree and paired with multiple field research experiences globally I feel educated on issues surrounding the environment, renewable energy, ecology and sustainability.

This does not mean I know everything. Far from it actually. Every day as I delve deeper into the environmental world and try to teach myself what is going on around us, I learn new things. What I may have thought I was well versed on I find out I am actually not once I discover new facts. Uncovering some facts causes others to make a lot more sense! In short, my environmental journey didn’t stop when I graduated from University, it has just begun. I am constantly trying, as many of us are, to better myself for the sake of the environment through both my actions and my understanding.

Follow along with me as I open the door to environmental issues, common environmental questions, and overall knowledge of the problems surrounding us. With more knowledge comes more educated acts for the environment, and ultimately more change. I’ll be working on this project under Daisy Energy, a company dedicated to bringing meaningful change through environmental education and action. I’ll be sharing my journey online through their website and if you have questions, comments, or just want to chat I can be reached at [email protected]. It is daunting to put your foot in the environmental door when you feel uneducated and overwhelmed by the information, so together let’s take it one step at a time!

Becky Janssen