It has long been known that solar energy is beneficial to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, effectively slowing down or preventing global warming. Carbon dioxide (CO2) controls the Earths temperature. Our ever increasing use of fossil fuels has lead to a large increase in the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, which has heated the Earths temperature causing global warming.

One of the best ways to stop global warming is to reduce our CO2 emissions. In the infographic below Ill show you how much CO2 is reduced in just one megawatt-hour of electricity generated through a solar PV panel and its equivalent of consuming gasoline, coal, oil and propane.

solar energy infographic


We’ve all heard of the dangers of global warming and it isn’t stopping soon enough. By reducing our CO2 emissions we can effectively slow down global warming by keeping the Earths temperature cool. Solar energy is an investment worth making if you value the future of our environment, if you would like to learn more give us a shout.