The largest use of energy in warehouses comes from lighting and temperature control. By reducing energy in these two areas, you can dramatically reduce both your energy costs and your GHG emissions.

Why put LED lighting in your warehouse?

  • Energy savings
    Reduce your energy costs while being more environmentally friendly.
  • Long lifetime
    Especially in warehouses with high ceilings, changing light bulbs is not always a simple task. LEDs last significantly longer than other types of lighting, so not only will you save money on the lights themselves, but there will be fewer calls to your service people to install new ones.
  • Durable
    LEDs are shatterproof, resistant to shock, and are not affected by heat and cold in the same way that other types of lighting are.
  • Instant Light
    LEDs come to full brightness instantly, unlike HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lighting which can take a while to warm up.
  • Cool
    Unlike other forms of lighting, LEDs do not get as hot as traditional high bay fixtures which makes them ideal for refrigerated warehouses or any other area that needs to be kept cool.
  • Silent
    Fluorescent lights and HID’s can hum and actually get quite noisy when the ballasts start to fail. LEDs are silent.
  • Lighting improvement
    LEDs provide better quality lighting than HID or fluorescent lights do. This means less eye strain, improved safety and a better quality work environment

Temperature Control

Unlike lighting upgrades, temperature control in warehouses is often not as simple as a retrofit. There are however a number of things that you can do to reduce energy usage in this area including:

  • HVAC maintenance and/or upgrade – If you have an older HVAC system, it may not be as energy efficient as it could be. Keeping up with regular maintenance and following up on recommended repairs, will help keep the system at its peak efficiency.
  • Consider flexible hours – In the summer, warehouse temperatures are often at their most comfortable in the morning and in the evening. During the middle of the day, the AC must work hard using a fair bit of energy to keep the place cool. Likewise, in the winter the most comfortable time would be the middle of the day and the heating system will have to work harder in the morning and evenings. If feasible, consider having summer and winter hours that help you optimize savings from your HVAC system.

Why Daisy Energy is the right choice for your warehouse energy retrofit

  • Daisy Energy is one of the top providers for warehouse energy retrofitting in Southern Ontario and the GTA.
  • Our technicians can work during your off hours so that your workflow is never interrupted.
  • We provide photometric lighting layouts in order to avoid glare and maximize lighting efficiency.
  • Our recommendations and services include a full range of energy saving products and recommendation from sub-meters to solar solutions and smart technology.
  • We remain current on all grants, rebates, and incentive programs and apply for these where available, on your behalf in order to maximize your ROI.

If you would like a free consultation for your warehouse retrofit, we encourage you to contact our office today.

Our Process

Daisy Energy is the leader in Southern Ontario for energy saving and lighting solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Choosing A Lighting Partner

When you understand the benefits of upgrading from your old lighting to an energy efficient LED system, the decision is simple.

“The new lighting looks great and you looked after all the details making it very easy to upgrade to LED’s. We will be expanding the upgrade to other areas and Daisy Energy will be our supplier for this as well. Thanks!”

– Caravan Logistics | Steve Merena | Oakville, ON

“Brian and his team at Daisy Energy Inc are knowledgeable, trustworthy and we have been pleased with the professionalism and level of service provided. The team at Daisy Energy continues to serve as an expert assisting us with our Board’s sustainable energy initiative now and into the future.”

– Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board | Morris Hucal | Hamilton, ON

“Complete turn-key service including install and incentive applications, competitive pricing, and the difference in light levels is amazing. Plus our energy consumption for yard lighting dropped 60%. I have no issue recommending Daisy Energy Inc to anyone looking to make the switch to LED’s”

– White Oak Transport | Dave Thomas | Stoney Creek, ON

“We have contracted Daisy Energy Inc to assist us with our sustainable energy initiatives including LED upgraded lighting and have been pleased with their professionalism and level of service. They have truly exceeded our expectations.
-Reduced energy costs by 50%, $4,000 in rebates and incentives, payback 2.9 years.”

– McMaster Innovation Park | Jim Hyk | Hamilton, ON

“We have engaged Daisy Energy to help with our energy conservation goals and the Energy Guardian has proven to be a much needed device in our Energy Management Toolbox.”

– Ridley College | Julia Bertollo | St. Catharines, ON