We are all aware now that 2020 is not turning out the way any of us had planned. Not even close! Here at Daisy Energy, we were excited to be introducing new services and products focusing on renewable energy, sustainability and help for the planet through the BEE Smart Energy recognition program. Then came March and the world changed and our big announcement seemed rather trivial, so we decided to hold off on introducing these changes and focus on getting our staff and clients through this very difficult time. Things are still kinda crazy in the world but luckily, here in Canada, some semblance of normalcy is emerging. Our management staff have all adjusted to working remotely and we have put in place policies and procedures to keep our install staff and our clients safe during the construction phase of our projects, so we are back in business and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We hope other people are starting to feel the same.

As a result, we have decided to announce our new product and service offerings and introduce you to some of the new features and staff at Daisy Energy. Firstly, we welcome Becky Janssen to the team as our lead writer and researcher of all things “green”. One of the keys to our success is helping our clients understand the benefits of sustainable energy practices and Becky will be writing about various topics that we hope will educate and inspire people to transition to a more sustainable way of doing business. Becky has her BSc, Honours in Environmental Science from McMaster University and is passionate about all things that are good for the planet. We hope you find her stories informative and helpful.

We have also upgraded our web site and our logo to reflect our new focus on solar PV and sustainable energy practices, and we are also introducing our recognition program for our clients that are making a difference by reducing their carbon footprint. The BEE Smart energy program will be our way of giving back on behalf of our clients. Please check it out here.

We understand that these are very difficult times and many people are suffering as a result, and we hope we can be of some assistance to businesses by helping them to lower their energy costs and maybe use the savings to keep more staff employed, invest in new equipment to be more efficient or just keep the doors open. We are all in this together, and together we CAN make a difference!

Stay safe,

Brian Kennelly, President