The last time the power went out at your business, did your operations come to a halt?

If you had solar off-grid power, you wouldn’t have had to worry at all. Here’s everything you need to know about this renewable energy system and how to determine if it would benefit your commercial or industrial business.

What is Solar Off-Grid Power for Businesses?

Off-grid power solutions combine solar and/or wind power and advanced storage technology to enable companies to operate free of the electrical grid. No longer would your business need to rely upon main utilities (water, electricity and gas) to remain in operation.

Solar off-grid power involves grouping together a series of solar panels with a combiner box. Depending on the size of the solar system, more than one combiner may be necessary. Connected to the combiner boxes are charge controllers that are responsible for converting the solar panel voltage to the battery voltage. They also charge the batteries to extend their lifetimes and stop charging them when they are full. During periods of inadequate sunlight, a generator can provide backup power.

Since energy is stored inside the batteries, it is readily available anytime your company needs it.

Benefit #1: Solar Off-Grid Power is Free

Choosing to go off-grid provides your company with a sense of independence. No longer are business operations at risk when the power goes out. Worries associated with rising energy costs, power interruptions and hydro line maintenance also disappear.

Although an efficient off-grid system can require an initial financial investment, the cost savings quickly add up over the years.

Benefit #2: Solar Off-Grid Power is Environmentally Friendly

Interested in making your business operate in a more environmentally friendly manner? Solar off-grid power is a great solution for business owners interested in the trending back-to-the-land movement.

Unlike the electricity generated by fossil fuel power plants, solar off-grid power is a green way to create energy. Solar panels are recyclable and the typical lead-acid batteries used are one of the most recycled products in the world.

There is no noise pollution, either. PV modules operate in silence and don’t require any maintenance for over 30 years.

Benefit #3: Solar Off-Grid Power is Suitable for Almost Everyone

There are many reasons why business owners invest in solar off-grid power. Sometimes, their remote location has no other feasible option while other times, solar off-grid power may be cheaper than connecting to the grid.

Because there are no upper or lower limits to an off-grid system, you can make it suit your business’ exact needs. From fueling a simple light pole in a remote area to powering an entire commercial space, solar off-grid power can provide the solution.

If you’re going to switch your commercial or industrial business to solar off-grid power, choose a reputable sustainable energy solution provider. Since 2008, Daisy Energy has been helping businesses implement solar off-grid power solutions to meet their unique requirements. Contact us today for more information.