In a bid to continually foster energy efficiency and promote a greener future, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) recently unveiled updates to the Save on Energy Retrofit Program on October 24, 2023. The core aim of these updates is to bolster the adoption of energy-saving measures among businesses and consumers alike. Here’s a breakdown of the significant changes and what they mean for you:

Increased Non-Lighting Incentives

Starting October 30, 2023, the Retrofit program will see an upswing in non-lighting prescriptive incentives for most measures. This increase is a response to the recent uptick in measure price and valuable feedback from program participants and delivery partners. It’s a welcome change that seeks to offset the costs associated with implementing energy-efficient measures, thereby encouraging more entities to jump on the energy-saving bandwagon. For a detailed list of the updated measures and incentives, be sure to visit the Retrofit Program website.

Instant Discounts Program for Lighting

Mark your calendars for December 18, 2023, as the IESO rolls out the Save on Energy Instant Discounts program. This initiative aims to simplify the process of obtaining incentives for energy-efficient lighting solutions. Unlike the previous procedure, this program will extend instant discounts directly to distributors at the point of sale. This implies no paperwork for contractors, consultants, or end users, thus expediting the process and enhancing the customer experience manifold.

The Instant Discounts program is set to replace most lighting measures in the Retrofit program. If you have lighting projects in the pipeline, note that December 17, 2023, is the last day to submit your Retrofit program lighting applications for pre-approval. However, fear not if you’ve already had your lighting measures pre-approved or submitted for pre-approval by this date, as you’ll continue to be eligible for the Retrofit program incentive, provided all program requirements are met.

The introduction of the Instant Discounts program is a strategic move to enhance the ease of accessing incentives for energy-efficient lighting. By channeling the incentives directly to distributors, the program paves the way for instant point-of-sale discounts, a shift that eradicates paperwork for contractors, consultants, or end users. This new arrangement promises to cut down on wait times and application processing, delivering a seamless and much-improved customer experience.

Navigating The Transition

As we approach the launch of the Instant Discounts program, it’s imperative to liaise with your distributor and understand the implications of these changes on your ongoing or upcoming projects. Be sure to steer clear of accepting the Instant Discounts program incentive when purchasing lighting measures if your project has been pre-approved under the Retrofit program, to avoid any disqualification from the latter.

The latest updates to the Retrofit Program manifest the unwavering commitment to advancing energy efficiency and simplifying the incentive acquisition process. As we transition into this new phase, the path to a greener and more sustainable future becomes ever brighter.

For further insights and comprehensive FAQs on lighting and midstream, delve into the FAQ page and stay illuminated on the evolving energy-saving landscape.


The Save on Energy Retrofit Program Updates in October 2023 mark a significant stride towards fostering energy efficiency and creating a sustainable future in Ontario. With enhanced incentives and the introduction of the Instant Discounts program, the IESO continues to simplify the process of adopting energy-saving measures for businesses and individuals alike. It’s a crucial move that not only promotes energy conservation but also drives economic benefits by reducing energy costs. As we adapt to these updates, staying informed and taking full advantage of the newly introduced incentives will be instrumental in propelling us towards a greener and more energy-efficient province.

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