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Lighting Retrofit: What it is and Why You Should Consider It?

If you’ve never heard the term “lighting retrofit” before, it may seem that you probably don’t need one! This couldn’t be further from the truth. In simple terms, a lighting retrofit is when you upgrade your existing energy wasting light fixtures and/or bulbs with hyper-efficient [...]

U.S. trade antics no match for low-carbon manufacturers

Paul Rak on the floor of his VeriForm Inc. metal fabricating plant in Cambridge, Ont.  (VERIFORM INC.) What do the Trump tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel, announced last week, have to do with the transition to a low-carbon economy? When it comes to my steel [...]

LEDs Then vs Now

LED lighting wasn’t always the obvious choice for all your lighting needs. However, improvements over the past few years have changed that. To reiterate some points from the Retrofit section of our website, LEDs reduce your lighting and energy costs, have reduced environmental impact [...]

The LED Market Today

Positive results from surveys show a growing desire for more use of LED lights in and outside of businesses, homes, and in public areas (such as parking lots, parks, and even along city streets). There are several areas in which LED lights are far [...]

What To Expect From Your LED Lighting Upgrade

Conduct Detailed Lighting Audit If you are considering upgrading to LED lighting for your building here are some things to look for from your supplier to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your upgrade. Each building is unique and it is important that your supplier [...]

A Walkthrough of a Typical Residential Solar PV Install

Having spent the last six-plus years designing and installing solar PV and other renewable energy systems I often forget that the vast majority of my friends or people that I meet have no idea about what’s actually involved in having solar panels installed on [...]

The Latest Green Energy Technologies

Here are some of the cool new technologies I have come across that are available to save money and energy while helping reduce our impact on the planet. I like to keep informed of what is available and I hope you find this of [...]